We’re moving into MARCH!

Check out our School Lunch Favorites Reimagined event hosted and prepared by Party Downtown!

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 Come relive your elementary school years with fun cafeteria food, with proceeds going directly to supporting keeping kids active in local elementary schools.

Get your  T I C K E T S !!


THANK YOU to our local sponsors!

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Healthy Moves is a nonprofit organization based in Eugene, Oregon that is dedicated to improving the health of kids through physical activity at school. And when kids are more active with their bodies, they’re healthier children, they’re better students, and they’re happier human beings. Please join us in supporting better health and better lives for local kids.

We help…Kids stretching

Kids improve their bodies and brains while they have fun

Teachers with info on how to lead physical activities

Schools provide more physical education for their students

Parents improve the health of their children

Communities raise healthier kids

It’s support from people like you that makes the Healthy Moves program possible. To support Healthy Moves with a tax-deductible donation, go to our Donate page. Want to get to know us more? Please visit our Contact page!